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Navy Commissioning Pennants

On-line Flag Catalog > U.S. Military Flags > U.S. Navy Flags > Navy Commissioning Pennants

The U.S. Navy commissioning pennant is the distinguishing mark of a commissioned Navy ship. The pennant is a long streamer in the colors of the Navy. Blue at the hoist, with seven white stars and a single longitudinal stripes of red and white. The pennant is flown at all times as long as a ship is in commissioned status, except when a flag of an officer or civilian official is on board and flies his personal flag in its place.

Navy Commission Pennant - Size 6
#NCP6 Navy Commission Pennant - Size 6

Size 6: 2-1/2 in. x 6 ft. Navy Commission Pennants, Screened Printed on 200% Denier Nylon, Finished canvas Heading and a Brass Grommet Made to Government Specification.

BrandUS Flag Supply
US Navy Commission Pennant - Size 7
#NCP7 US Navy Commission Pennant - Size 7

Size 7: 1-7/8in. x 4 ft. Navy Commission Pennants, Screened Printed on 200% Denier Nylon, Finished with a canvas Heading and a Brass Grommet, Made to Government Specification.

BrandUS Flag Supply
Us Navy Homeward Bound Pennant
#900009 Us Navy Homeward Bound Pennant

The U. S. Navy Homeward Bound Pennant dimensions are not prescribed by regulation, but NTP-13(B) describes the customary practice as one white star for the first nine months of continuous service outside the U. S., plus another for each additional 6 months. The overall length of the pennant is one foot for each member of the ship's company on duty outside the United States for more than 9 months, but not to exceed the length of the ship itself. This is a custom make pennant, please email info@usflagsupply. com or Call 888-442-3524.

BrandUS Flag Supply